Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

skema Digital Clock [PIC16F84]

Digital Clock with PIC16F84

Digital Clock - 24 Hours

Circuit Diagram | Components

Source code
Project Specifications

Processor Frequency:4MHz
Range:0 to 24 Hours
Timer Set:Up - Down Switch
Display: Hour:00-23 Minuts:00-59
Power: External 6V D.C.
Clock count every second controled by hardware.
Adjustable time with SW1 and SW2 switches.
LED1 indicate seconds.

 Clock Display   

Circuit Diagram

Electronic Circuit Diagram - 12 or 24 Hours Clock
X1=4Mhz resonator.

Parts    Desc.
R1 – R8    100Ω
R9 - R13    10KΩ
C1    22pF
C2    22pF
D1    LED
U1 – U4    Common Cathode 7 Segment Display
Q1 – Q4    C828
XTAL1    4 MHz Crystal
IC1    7805 Regulator IC
PIC1    PIC 16F84 OR PIC16F84A
SW1 -SW3    Push to ON push button switch
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