Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Amplifier 150-Watt BLF177

150 Watts BLF177 FM broadcast (87,
5-108MHz) RF-broadband amplifier
The amplifier requires max. 8 Watts rf-drive to deliver 150 Watts output power.
Supply voltage : 50 Volts, adjust bias to approx. 1,8 Volts.
CuAg = silver plated copper wire
CuL = magnetwire, enameled copper wire
(Note: 1 mm CuL equals approx. to AWG18
0,3 mm equals approx. to AWG28)
(I)   all diameters are measured from the inside of the coils
(II)  make sure to mount the rf-transistor on a appropriate heatsink and use some thermal
heatsink compound between the stud of the rf-transistor and the heatsink!
(Thermal resistance heatsink at least 6°C/W.)
(III) all parts are soldered directly on the toplayer of the pcb
(IV)  connect the bottomlayer to the groundplane on the toplayer!
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