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cara setting dial up Windows XP

1. From the "Start" menu, choose "Control Panel" or "Start" - "Settings" -
"Control Panel".




2. Click the "Switch to Classic View" icon.
Note: If you can only see "Switch to Category View, then you are already in the
Classic Mode. Continue to step 3..




3. Double-click the "Network Connections" icon.




4. Click the "Create a new connection" icon.




5. The following screen will appear, click "Next".




6. Select the option "Connect to the Internet", and click "Next".




7. Select "Set up my connection manually", click "Next".




8. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" and click "Next".




9. In the device list, select your corresponding modem and press "Next".
Note that your modem will be called something different and not as shown in the below screen.




10. In the "ISP Name" box , type a name for your connection; for example: "My Free Internet Connection in Spain" and press "Next".




11. Type in the local dial up number for Spain which is "901929200". This local dial up number can be used all over Spain and islands and will provide you with the local and cheapest call.




11. Type in the username and password as shown in the below screen. The account information that we provide is generic and cannot be changed. You must use these details in order to get connected.. Press "Next".
Note: You can enable or disable the firewall as to your liking.




12. Switch on the box called "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop". It is very useful. Press "Finish".




13. Wait patiently and normally a dial up connection box will appear as shown below.
Click on "Properties".
Note: If the dial up connection box does not appear, then double click the new dial up icon created in your network connections folder.




14. The Properties box will appear. Click on "Networking" on the top. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"; it should already be highlighted and press "Properties"




15. Select "Use the following DNS server addresses" and type in the following:
Preferred DNS: ""
Alternative DNS: ""
Press "OK" and "OK" again.




17. Good. The dial up box will appear again. Make sure you have the telephone line plugged into your modem and see if you can connect via the "Dial" button.




18. The connection will now start dialing. Normally you should hear a sound beeping like a fax tone unless you have disabled the sound on your modem.
If you get an error message or another problem, please do not hesitate to contact our support desk for further assistance. Click here to contact our support desk.
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