Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Check and replace

Color is sometimes missing: check and replace cramic pin 11 of IC TDA8690

No sound, standard tuning does not stop: check Q06 (C3198)

Standby, in turn it can not, led is flashing: check 6v8 zener diodes in the PSU, if distar led is dead: check SE 110

Standard tuning does not stop: replace Ucom GS8334-02B

Image thinning replaced PIF Stay the same: check Z201 (CF5, 5MHz)

Fig sometimes colored sometimes not: open the base legs Q07 R73

In the star led the flame, continue to die (no standby): check pin 9 S6707, if not stable (PUM up) check FR813 (1ohm) and ZD803 (9V1)

There is no color, when there are new hot Delay IC color: replace the MC144111. To test it go to pin 4 and hold color.

Panel presets do not work: go to pin 6

No sound IC LA7555 Good Audio): check L201 (SIF 6.0 MHz) and the damaged capacitor (82pf)

Blanking, RGB VCC nice: replace TA8690

Standby with the position of blinking LED lights: replace diode RU2k near STR 6707 with D IN4007 also replace: C330 (470uf/35v)

Goldstar / LG
Often turns itself to standby, if the remote at the switch on the TV to life again, but went back to standby after a few hours: replace Elco Driver Horizontal (10uf/100v)
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